Life: Finding YourSelf

Finding your self
Finding your self

 “The most and very most difficult task in this world is to find yourself; You are good at”.

Really? It is said that (you find my you-tubes) People do not do any effort or rather conscious effort to find there strength in which they are good at , in which they can be undefeated and can have firm hold on what they do. It is a study that 75%  of the people in this world are under going phys-co problem and 80% of the people do there job which they dont like. The study further state that people past there time at work like a machine and to get paid and obviously they dont enjoy either and honestly many of them did not even bother to make this effort; may be due to fear or something in there mind. So if we believe this study for a minute then we can conclude that, today in this world where technology evolving day by day, man kind steeping there foot on mars,  where people are under- going heart and liver transplant; all are a result of  “80% people not loving job? I dont believe it . Also this arises one question in my mind is why we need to find our self? why people dont like there job or dont have any passion at work or it is something else what they are completely ignoring.

So now, ask yourself ; What is your thinking for life?  for work ? How you  see your daily life problems? and Do you really need to do some conscious effort to find your self?.

“If you dont know what you are looking for, then you will never going to find it”

I believe nature has created us in this world for the purpose and some how nature drives us what we are good at, Let me repeat

“Nature drives every one of us what we are good at and what we suppose to do in this world”. may be some of you disagree.

So lets take a scenario that If a person dont like its job and even dont have any passion then, the person will fail shortly and will end up quitting what he is doing. But again the question arises if thats the case and actually this is for  everyone to ask there self that:

  1. How you still doing the work you dont like.?
  2. How you are getting good offers for the work which you dont like?
  3. How you come through so far with the experience when from “START” of career you came to know about the work in which you don have any passion?
  4. After all you remember what you do and share with others.

So based on above questions, we can get a picture that Its not about finding your self what you are good at; but its all about loving what you are doing currently.  I would rather shattered some points to help us finding or understanding what we need to do and what you want to be.

Important Take aways:

1. Human strength

As a human being we have an enormous strength gifted from our creature to do any thing in this world and can excel in that. However the key is how bad you want to do that.

2. Create Passion

Be passionate about your self, be passionate about your work , be passionate about your family, bottom line is be passionate about everything.

3. Not to worry

Stop worrying, dont worry if you don’t find any thing in you to be praised; or  may be you are doing exacltly what you are good at?

4. Invest

Start investing in your self, get of the work and spend some time after the work and try to grasp new skill and spend some time in activity in which you are new.

5. Don’t Complain

Don’t complain and majority of the people usually blame others on there failures and you know what; Cowards do that.


Let me quote “If you keep doing what you have always  done, Then you will keep getting what you have always got”.

So as we say there is always a first start, if you are at this very moment confused, depressed, worried or blank of thoughts. Just dont worry; start investing your in your self , dont complain and keep clam and have firm believe in your inner strength. You are what you are!


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